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 2022-2023 P.A.A.C. Leadership 

  Polemarch – Hon. Donald J. Floyd                                        Vice Polemarch – Dr. Ron Zachary, Ph.D 

Keeper of Records – Bro. Jeffrey Green 

Keeper of Exchequer – Dr. Albert Thigpen                 Asst. Keeper of Records – Dr. James Snodgrass

     Assistant Keeper of Exchequer –  Bro. Marques Rucker                               Strategus – Bro. Eric Mitchell                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Lieutenant Strategus – Bro. Jevon Tillman                   Historian – Bro. Matthews Smith, Sr. 

     Reporter – Bro. Romelo Styles                                          MTA Chairman – Dr. Ron Zachary, Ph.D     

     Director of Guide Right – Kareem T. Nelson                       Asst. Dir. - Guide Right-Hon. Thurman B. Bartie, Bro. Paul Hypolite, Jr., Dr. Albert Thigpen



Director of Reclamation – Bro. Mike Mason 

Board Member #1 – Hon. Donald J. Floyd

Board Member #2 – Matthews Smith, Sr. 

              Board Member #3 – Dr. Albert T. Thigpen, Ed.D.

Board Member #4 – Benjamin J. Jones, Sr.


            2021-22 Motto:  “111 Years and Building: The Journey Continues”   


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